Introduction to Online Drama Therapy 2: Tips and Techniques


In this second half of the Introduction to Online Drama Therapy Webinar, we get into the fun stuff: how to adapt drama therapy techniques to the online space.

You’ll learn:

  • How to work with objects online
  • How to utilize Zoom with groups
  • How to work with art and collaborative work in Zoom and Google Jamboard
  • How to use Snap Camera to work with masks and costumes
  • How to create grounding and containment for your client in the digital space
  • Tips for working online in a fluid and embodied way

There are tons of apps out there that offer creative solutions to online therapy. This webinar chooses the most appropriate and accessible options that will help both you and your client feel more free to be creative and spontaneous. Walk away with resources to help you work in the online space and add extra streams of income to your practice.

The cost for this is R150 which, depending on the exchange rate, is around US$8 or £7

When ordering from outside of South Africa, please choose to pay via PayFast, as Direct Bank Transfer only works for South African accounts. Please email me directly if you would prefer to pay via PayPal.