Video Calls

Traditionally, drama therapy has been conducted face to face, but with the technology available today, that’s no longer the case. Drama therapy via video call is the next best thing to being in the room with your therapist. 45 minute sessions are held using ZOOM, an encrypted, free to use app similar to Skype.

Together we will create stories, explore the themes and roles in your life, and explore play and creativity. We may use SnapCamera, a filter app that lets us use masks and costumes on our video feed to mimic the use of actual costumes. 

Video calls are a great way to meet your therapist from the comfort of your home, while still retaining the intimacy and in person feeling you would get from being in the same room as them.



Email therapy is a great way to access therapy if you are strapped for time, unable to commit to a specific time-slot, or if you feel more comfortable with the written word.

Email therapy is purchased in blocks, where one block consists of one email from you, and one reply from me. To begin, I will send you an email with a set of questions to get us started. I may ask you to reflect on something specific, or to simply tell me a story. From there we work together to uncover the ways you talk about yourself and your experiences, or to help you reflect more intentionally on what’s happening in your life.

The easiest way to explain email therapy is that it is like having someone look over your journal and give you footnotes of things to think about, and help you see patterns in your thoughts and behaviour. 

I use Hushmail, which is an encrypted email service. This means that emails from me will not be readable accidentally by anyone else. I will reply to your email within 72 hours, unless I have otherwise informed you in advance. 


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging therapy is midway between video and emailing. It has the advantage of being synchronous, meaning we are online at the same time, while still being text-based. Instant messaging might be a good fit for you if you don’t have access to a laptop, if you’d prefer to get your thoughts written rather than said, or if you struggle with connecting with people verbally.

With instant messaging, you could be lying in bed in your pajamas, hair a mess, and still have access to your therapist. 

Instant messaging therapy works similarly to video calls,
with  sessions lasting 45 minutes. 
I use a free app called Signal, which is encrypted, and it is available both on your phone or your computer, whichever you prefer.

Initial Consultation

If you’re not sure what type of therapy you’d like, or you want a chance to see what drama therapy is all about before you commit to a full session, book a free 20 minute consultation. In these sessions (whether by video call or instant messaging) you will get the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, and to experience a little bit of drama therapy. From there you can decide whether I am a good fit for you, and what medium you’d like to use going forward.


My fees are charged on a sliding scale, which means that should you not be able to afford my rates, there are alternative options available to you. Please get in touch with me directly so that we can discuss a way forward. I take payment via Payfast in South African Rands through my website. If you would prefer to pay via Paypal, please email me directly.

Standard fees

Video calls:

Initial 20 minute consultation: free

Per 45 minute session: R500 ($35/THB1000)

4  individual sessions booked in advance: R1800 ($120/THB3600)


Block of 5: R2500 ($150/THB4500)

Block of 10: R4800 ($290/THB8800)

Instant Messaging:

Initial 20 minute consultation: free

Per 45 minute session: R500 ($35/THB1000)

4 sessions booked in advance: R1800 ($120/THB3600)