DTO Interns

Emilie Owen head shot
Emilie Owen Raposo is an HPCSA registered interning drama therapist, completing her internship as part of her Master’s in Drama therapy (MADT) at WITS University (RSA). Her experience thus far has been in the school, GBV, non-profit and community environments. Emilie also holds a bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts (BADA Hons. Equivalent, WITS). Her drama therapy foundation rests in her interests in, and passion for, the performing arts – with her work spanning across theatre, TV, corporate and the humanitarian sector. In her therapeutic practice, Emilie cultivates a space for community, storytelling, connection, creativity and imagination, within which clients are invited to safely explore their feelings and emotions. Emilie’s work (Clowns Without Borders SAThe Upliftment Program) and research as a therapeutic clown has fundamentally infused her drama therapy with a spirit of playfulness and openness, always leaving the possibility for joy and laughter as part of one’s health and well-being. Emilie is thrilled to have joined Monique in her online drama therapy private practice.

Maxine Bekker is an HPCSA registered interning dramatherapist and qualified Expressive Movement facilitator. She has a special interest in using myth in combination with expressive- and development movement to guide her clients towards a greater sense of health and wellbeing. She’s also currently training as a Family Constellations practitioner, following her further interest in understanding family- and internal systems and how to include a greater systemic awareness to mental health and trauma interventions. She firmly believes in the principles of ritual, embodiment, and story in therapeutic practice as tools to move one towards accessing their innate capacity to be creative: our original and instinctive way of connecting, communicating, and healing.

Maxine Bekker Bio Pic