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Drama Therapy Online: Therapeutic Gaming Groups

Community – Support – Play

Therapy doesn’t have to be all talky-talky. Come and join one of our online therapeutic gaming groups, and join people with similar therapeutic goals in a game that provides social connections, therapeutic support, and the freedom to leave real life behind for a moment.

Groups will be held online, either in a digital game space (such as Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, or VR) or via Zoom/Discord playing Tabletop Role Playing Games (DnD, Avatar, Wanderhome, Ryuutama, Masks, One Shots etc). 

Groups will form around shared therapeutic goals including: Neurodiversity support, Anxiety and Depression, Loneliness, Burn out

Groups will either be for adolescents (13-18), adults (18+), Women and Non-Binary, or area specific to cater to different time-zones

Times: 90 minutes Fortnightly, dates and times TBD

Cost: South Africa: R200 per session International: USD30

Concessions available, so please get in touch and don’t let money keep you away!