Benefits of Drama Therapy

what are the benefits of drama therapy

Drama therapy is a creative and client-centred modality. Because we use drama and theatre, art, music, photography, and play during the sessions, it can help us to deal with transitional periods in life. If you are struggling with changes such as job loss, career change, relationship changes, the death of a loved one, or simply transitioning to another period of your life with age, drama therapy can potentially benefit you.

It is also of benefit to people who feel isolated or stigmatized, and who are struggling to find out where they fit in the world. Drama therapy can help to promote positive changes in mood, insight, and empathy, and it can help to facilitate healthy relationships. 

If you are experiencing a feeling of being ‘stuck’ in some aspect of your life, or struggling to deal with conflicts, drama therapy can help you to find more flexibility and courage to face what you need to.

If you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour and you feel as if you never get anywhere, drama therapy is a good place to start to untangle where that behaviour comes from, and how to move past it.

Drama therapy is also a good way to learn self care, where you can create rituals and habits that can combat anxiety and depression. 

Finally drama therapy can also provide a place for you to look at the stories you tell about yourself and your experiences, and how that impacts who you are. Together we can work to re-script your experiences, helping you to find your own strength, vulnerability, and joy, rather than focusing on your perceived failures or shortcomings.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to step into a different character for an hour, and see yourself through the eyes of others, drama therapy can create a space for you to gain that perspective, and integrate it into your daily life.

Tapping into our natural ability to create and play has the potential to create stronger relationships, improve your mood, and strengthen your resilience so that you can go through your life ready to face whatever plot twists may come. Drama therapy is not an instant fix for your problems, but with work and practice, it can greatly benefit all aspects of your life.



  1. Terina

    Hallo how are you? How do I become a Drama therapist? Where do I start. Sorry I know this is not the platform for this question but I do not know where to start.

    • moniquehilldrama

      Hi Terina! Becoming a drama therapist is quite a long process, and it depends on which country you are in. Most countries require an MA degree and some form of supervised internship before you can register and practice as a drama therapist. If you would like more info, please feel free to email me at

  2. Fara

    Hi there ! May i know .. can theatre students become a Drama Therapist?

    • moniquehilldrama

      Hi Fara, I am so sorry for missing your comment!
      Yes, theatre students can become drama therapists, in fact, many of the people I trained with studied theatre degrees. You will need to pick up some Psychology modules in order to to become a drama therapist, and this depends on the country in which you are studying. Let me know if you still need some info!

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